Everything for your datacentre and environment 


GCH offer a broad spectrum of data centre solutions from powerful SAN monitoring tools that enable pro-active monitoring to quickly solve issues and reduce downtime to Storage Performance Validation solutions which enable storage managers to make informed storage array purchases tested against their own production workloads. GCH also offer a range of onsite fault finding consultancy and health check services, network monitoring and analysis tools. Read more


GCH offer a range of Cyber Security solutions from network monitoring and packet aggregation with on-demand traffic capture, packet analysis and storage to contextual storage of all traffic coming in and out of the companies network.  Other products include PEN testing as well as overall security analysis, network delay emulation and a full range of network test solutions. Read more


GCH deliver comprehensive cloud infrastructure software solutions from Stratoscale to enterprise IT, development teams and service providers

Stratoscale Symphony is an integrated software-defined data centre (SDDC) solution, offering IT an AWS-like service on-premise. Symphony works out-of-the-box on your existing x86 servers and manages all the compute, storage and networking from a single pane of glass, providing all the functionality and features required to run and operate your own cloud environment. It’s as simple as using a public cloud. Read more


Whether migrating to the cloud or ensuring hybrid IT performance, GCH rely on Observer SightOps to obtain comprehensive visibility for public clouds including AWS, Azure, vCloud Air, IBM SoftLayer and more. GCH understand that network performance is only as good as the link connections between sites which is why GCH believe Network Latency and Impairment testing (such as dropped, out of order, corrupted or duplicated packets) is essential to guarantee application performance over distance. We supply a range of lab and hand held testers to ensure your physical infrastructure is fault free. Read more