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For over 20 years, GCH Test & Computer Services Ltd has established a reputation for excellence in its products and emerging technology training courses provided to clients such as IBM, BT, EMC, Hitachi Data Services and SUN. Read more

Storage Validation

Harness the power of the Load DynamiX platform to meet the most demanding networked storage performance testing and validation requirements. Our performance validation appliances provide a level of insight into storage system and storage network behaviour that legacy approaches and freeware tools can’t deliver. Read more

SAN Resource Monitoring

SAN RM is a software for automated asset tracking and visualization of your physical, logical and virtual connections within your FC environment. SAN RM offers fast and easy access to all information about your fabrics and your SAN. Read more

SAN Healthcheck

GCH’s SAN Health Check (SAN Audit) and Consultancy Services monitor and measure the effectiveness of Storage Area Network performance and provide users with the ability to maximize their Storage Area Network investments and avoid outages and downtime. Read more

SAN Consultancy

It is important to have a vendor independent partner who can impartially identify and help the customer solve physical and performance issues within the SAN. We can also help you identify if the performance of your SAN has been maintained or changed. Read more

Data Analytics

GCH’s file analysis tool quickly analyses your file systems and provides detailed reports on your disk usage. Armed with this information you can maximise your investment in your storage and build an informed strategy for the future. Read more