Infrastructure Optimisation Portal Solution

iOPS provides an independent analysis of a customer’s complete IT Infrastructure supplied as a solution or as a service, saving our customers significant amounts of money.  The analytics are split into modules and can be supplied as individual units or as a complete solution.

iOPS provides an comprehensive data analytics portal and enables our customers significant savings by applying our IT infrastructure capacity planning, retrospective right-sizing tools and analysis services to data centres all over the world.

iOPS takes the guess work out of capacity planning. Our tools use standard system commands to collect information – without adding any load to your systems and without installing any drivers or software.

The information we collect is analysed so we can provide you with the exact capacity your systems need right now, a forecast of expected growth and a cost savings analysis of how managing your systems capacity – storage, compute, RAM etc.– will reduce your company’s IT expenditure.

Our iOPS service is comprised of the following individually selectable modules:


The PAS identifies:

  • Systems that are over (or under) provisioned
  • Systems that would benefit from virtualisation
  • Where “right-sizing” would improve performance
  • Right size Cloud requirements before moving to the Cloud

The PAS tools address the analysis and management issues introduced by server virtualisation such as:

  • Workload profiling
  • Defining performance objectives
  • Capacity planning
  • Managing resource contention across multiple OS images and application instances


Data Migration activities are typically discrete projects to deliver business benefits and costs savings and are therefore ideal to outsource to specialised services.

To support the constant growth in data volumes and introduction of new storage technologies, every organisation faces the challenge of data migration in some form or another. Typical examples include:

  • Data migration from one type of storage array to another
  • Data migration from one vendor array to another
  • Deployment of a new data centre over metropolitan or geographical distance
  • Whatever the requirement, physical data migration can be both time consuming and high risk as any form of data loss or extended outage can be catastrophic to a business.


The FAS collects system file information and is used to identify areas where file system storage can be optimised to enable substantial cost savings and improved system performance.

FAS benefits:

  • Reduce costs by optimising file system storage
  • Manage the growth in unstructured data
  • Intelligence to implement strategic data management decisions


The Application Dependency Mapping Service (ADMS) creates a map of touch-points between inter-connected, networked systems.

This information is used to create:

  • dependency groups for backup and disaster recovery reliability
  • to identify unknown or forgotten server relationships
  • model the impact of a failed server
  • optimise system infrastructure e.g. co-location of dependent virtual services on the same physical host.


BRAMS collects information from backup systems to report on overall backup performance and business workloads and profile your backup environment maximising technology throughput for optimal backup and recovery – reliability and performance.

BRAMS benefits:

  • Reduce backup time
  • Reduce operational & management costs
  • Planning for capacity growth
  • Improve recovery time objectives
  • Ensure the correct data is being backed up – is untouched archive data being needlessly backed up?

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Xpertex is an independent IT Solutions and Professional Services company based in Hertfordshire, UK. We work with a range of clients across the public and private sectors helping them make their information technology effective, secure and aligned to their operations. We offer a wealth of IT experience, technology expertise, practical know and business acumen making Xpertex the trusted technology advisor to our current and future clients.

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