GCH provides a vendor independent Storage Validation Service to organisations who want to guarantee their next storage purchase accurately matches their workload performance requirements and eliminates expensive over provisioning.

GCH utilise existing storage logs and/or a hardware sensor to collect the client workload and then uses bespoke hardware appliances to generate the workload to the storage system(s) under test whilst collecting performance metrics.


  • Cut storage costs up to 60%
  • Assure storage performance in production environments
  • Future proof storage performance against projected increase in workload capacity


  • Before:  Collection of workload metrics, Installation of the workload generation appliance.
  • During: The LDX appliance(s) run the clients workload(s) against the storage system while collecting performance metrics for an agreed period of time. Multiple tests can be carried out to cover future expected growth.
  • After: Report Generation which may take a week or two depending upon the amount of testing performed. Report Presentation & Recommendations and Advice.

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“We use Load DynamiX in our Storage Validation lab to scale to the point where we can stress test new technologies and models to breaking point and to confirm where their failure points are. This has been critical for us and our customers.”

Neil Collier

Technical Director, GCH Test & Computer Services Ltd