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Since our formation in 1993 GCH has always taken the greatest pride in delivering leading edge technology and specialist consultancy services to our clients.

GCH offers unique analytic and consultancy services as well as supplying specialist leading edge analysis, test and performance tools for Security, Storage, Network and Cloud technologies. Our Expertise with these tools enable us to provide services that are unrivaled within the enterprise market. Our latest cyber security tools enable SOC engineers to analyse security threats much faster than traditional soutions.

For over 30 years GCH have been delivering leading edge technology and services to vendors and end users such as IBM, Dell-EMC, Hewlett Packard, BT, Lloyds Banking Group, Hitachi Data Systems, Western Digital, VISA and Oracle to name but a few.

Our unique vendor independence coupled with our depth of knowledge means we offer truly impartial advice to each and every client which has earned us trusted advisor status with our long standing clients.

Years of Experience


We have a wide range of customers from a wide range of industries. Manufacturers,  financials and aviation sectors are some of our clients for the last 31 years.

Our services and products have always been specifically catered for our clients needs for fast and efficient solutions that will make them more successful and profitable businesses.

GCH have been supplying and supporting customers for over twenty nine years with a client base that includes the top storage vendors as well as large corporate companies through to small independent companies. Our client base includes storage vendors such as IBM, HP, EMC, HDS and Brocade as well as large financials such as Lloyds, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and other large organisations such as FORD, Morrisons, BAE Systems, British Telecom etc.

We pride ourselves on the support we provide our customers and have developed an excellent reputation by offering complete installation, training and extended maintenance support packages that are customised to the client’s unique requirements.