Latest Network & Security Solutions


To enable fast cost effective troubleshooting, the Allegro range of network multimeters offer a solution for every requirement.  From small portable solutions to large data centre solutions the Allegro real-time information allows the user to access the relevant information through a standard web GUI.  Read more


Niagara Networks network visibility solutions are installed in the worlds most prominent networks, empowering Security and Operations centres with end-to-end visibility and actionable traffic intelligence across physical and virtual networks.  The Allegro network multimeter can be embedded withing some of the Niagara tools giving the user the ability to direct traffic through the analyser giving an instant view of the data.  Read more


The digital landscape has changed and today’s networks demand complete visibility of all data 100% of the time for security tools and to ensure no packet loss for out-of-band tools.

Garland Technology is committed to helping network teams increase the value of their networks and data centres by offering the industry’s most reliable, easy to deploy and economical test access and packet broker solutions. Read more


To overcome forensics limitations and complexities, Wirex IRP automates analysis efforts so that security professionals at all levels, i.e. Security managers, SOC operators, analysts and incident response teams can make faster and more informed decisions based on the actual content of network conversations, rather than just the metadata. Read more


Network Emulators provide Network Equipment Manufacturers, Service Providers, Enterprise and Application developers with the ability to replicate real-world network conditions in a controlled and 100% repeatable manner.  These solutions include individual hardware platforms that can be configured as a powerful Ethernet traffic generator, an in-line protocol analyser/monitor or as a network impairment emulator at multiple speeds. Read more


In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, there is no margin for error in Enterprise networks. With zero tolerance for faulty networks, even a negligible amount of network downtime can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Enterprise technicians are challenged to keep up with the demands of these evolving infrastructures by learning the newest test methods, supporting industry standards, and operating next-generation tools and instruments.

Viavi test and certification tools have been designed, developed, and tuned to deliver the performance your network demands. With technology leadership, faster technician workflows and the best overall value. Read more