Robust Cloud Building Blocks


Surveillance data is often stored locally with the risk of data loss due to theft or equipment failure.  GCH offer a range of low cost, high performance, flexible cloud storage solutions that can be configured to meet your specific requirements and can be accessed as if the data is stored locally. Read more


Exponential data growth shouldn’t automatically translate into astronomical data storage and data tier management costs.  We recognise that while not all data is created equal, with the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, every piece of data has the potential to reshape and transform your business. Read more


Garland Prisms is an advanced TAP solution that allows the user to monitor packets in the cloud.  The information captured by the TAP’s can be directed to monitoring tools in the cloud or on the customers premises, such as legacy equipment, allowing users to get essential traffic visibility that is needed for security and devops monitoring and inspection. Read more


With increasing transition to data center and cloud based environments, IT teams find it challenging to use traditional monitoring tools for traffic visibility. Physical taps are unsuitable for virtual environments since they cannot monitor East-West and inter-VM traffic. Moreover, they cannot track VMs when moved across hypervisors. Niagara Networks’ CloudRay-vTAP is a software solution that addresses these challenges, providing complete visibility of VM traffic in virtual computing environments, be it Private, Public or Hybrid clouds. Read more


Bring cloud storage and services to your premises and maintain legacy applications and workflows.  Reduce costs and maximise the return on investment of your premium storage while keeping data accessible and available with Tiger Bridge, an enterprise-class, kernel-based software only file management solution. Read more