Protecting your company’s data has increasingly grown more complex. Now more than ever, companies need adaptable and scalable network visibility and analysis solutions. Niagara Networks  visibility solutions are deployed in mission-critical networks worldwide.

Years of experience in complex projects has created superior value for customers who deploy reliable, high-performance and flexible visibility solutions to maintain agile NetOps and SecOps operations to insure top cyber resilience and network resiliency.

Third party solutions can be embedded within the network visibility products such as the Allegro analyser, allowing network troubleshooting and analysis without the need for any physical changes to the network (see Network Troubleshooting).



Niagara’s packet brokers deliver  network data access to NetOps and SecOps to enable detection, investigation and response to threats in real-time.  The network packet broker solutions are empowered by a comprehensive technology alliance program with world-class technology leaders and deployed in the world’s most prominent networks.


A network bypass switch ensures failover or fail-safe capabilities for an inline networking device or a network security tool such as a firewall, NGFW, IDS/IPS, WAF, DDOS and many other flavours of threat detection platforms.  If the network or security appliance fails or needs to be taken off-line for whatever reason, its traffic is automatically re-routed, ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow on the network.


A single pane of glass for the visibility layer is a critical mechanism for network and security operations to enable them to locate, isolate and provision network visibility solutions for performance and network security applications.  In todays fast paced, digital first ecosystem, complete visibility is vital in maintaining control of your network and eliminating (or at least minimising) blind spots and infrastructure downtime.


The open visibility platform is a place to host any virtualised application for security and network solutions.  This includes any virtualised solution from a third party, as well as any proprietary homegrown solution, or in the case of government organisations or highly specialised groups, some kind of black box.  It also includes the ability to deploy solutions on-demand and ad-hoc for various testing, diagnostics and assessments.


A network tap is an external device that creates a “copy” of the traffic for use by various monitoring devices.  It allows traffic mirroring and is an intricate part of an organisations network stack.