Tiger Bridge

Extending NTFS file systems to NAS, DAS, Tape and Cloud

An HSM Tiering & Synchronisation engine that protects and extend Windows servers by seamlessly extending the NTFS file system to DAS/NAS, tape and cloud and optimising data placement for frequent access, nearline and archive-ready files.

Tiger Bridge software-only solution does not require complex cloud storage gateway server or backup appliance. Tiger Bridge expands Windows NTFS file system capabilities with seamless tiering to cloud, NAS/DAS or tape. By optimising data placement for frequent access, nearline and archive-ready files, Tiger Bridge preserves Active Directory ACLs and ensures data is stored in the right place, at the right time.

Tiger Bridge requires no downtime to deploy and no change to user experience, application or workflow configuration.

Facilitates Cloud Integration

  • Protects and extends your existing Windows servers with cloud’s durability, resilience and pay-as-you-go scalability
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of Cloud Storage Gateway and backup applications
  • Provides users and applications with seamless access to data, regardless of where it is stored

Protects Data End-to-End

  • Preserves native Active Directory / ACLs
  • Eliminates intrusion points with direct server-to-cloud migration
  • Transfers data to/from cloud using SSL/TSL encryption


Reduces Storage Cost

  • Limits the amount of block storage required
  • Extends block storage across cloud storage classes (active and inactive)
  • Optimises cloud data placement for frequent access or low cost archive

Enables Global Collaborative Workflows

  • Synchronises specific folders or entire file systems
  • Keeps any number of servers and/or workstations in sync
  • Enables global updates of shared dataset

Help Manage Petabytes of Data

  • Replicates new files and file updates to cloud automatically
  • Frees up space locally by turning inactive data into stub files
  • Retrieves data automatically from cloud when stub files are being accessed

Minimises Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

  • Preserves and restores file attributes to/from the cloud
  • Restores file system tree-structure ”on-demand” for expedited operational recovery of huge datasets
  • Retrieves file content ”on-demand” with prioritised partial restore

Increases Business Agility

  • Ensures seamless and fast disaster recovery
  • Enables new and scalable collaborative workflows
  • Connects with cloud services for analytics, facial recognition, AI, ML, etc.

Expands Your Horizon

  • Stores your data in an accessible format – zero lock-in
  • Works with on-premises, hybrid and cloud-based workflows
  • Supports Cloud, Tape Libraries (LTFS) or DAS/NAS targets


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