Cloud Virtual TAP

Extending Visibility to Virtual Networks and Hybrid Clouds

Niagara Networks’ CloudRay-vTAP can replicate all Virtual Machines (VM) traffic without interrupting the regular VM traffic streams with very minimal processing overheads to hypervisor. The tapped traffic is sent to any monitoring tools of choice. Niagara Networks’ CloudRay-vTAP can work in conjunction with Niagara’s existing physical network TAP solutions, thus supports existing hybrid networking environments where both physical and virtual components co-exist.


Key features include:

  • 100% visibility of Virtual Machines traffic
  • Supports high-performance VM traffic up to 10Gbs
  • Supports VLAN, VXLAN and GRE tunnelling
  • Supports KVM, VMware ESXi, NSX and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Supports Amazon EC2
  • Supports VMware vSS, vVDS and OpenvSwitch (OVS)
  • Advanced traffic filtering  and packet slicing
  • Supports forwarding tapped traffic to multiple collectors
  • Single pane of glass based management

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