Cloud Visibility

Network Packet Visibility for Public and Private Cloud Environments

Garland Prisms unlocks both public and private cloud visibility to enable best-of-breed security and visibility for your network. Their revolutionary, born-in-the cloud solution, is 100% out-of-band and passive, works with any cloud, works with any monitoring tool or system and supports any cloud traffic mirroring (including Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, Azure vtaps).  Easy to deploy, use and disruptively affordable, Garland Prisms provides essential traffic visibility needed for security and devops monitoring and inspection.

Garland Prisms is the most advanced Cloud TAP solution to supply cloud packets to monitoring tools and services. Garland Prisms allows organisations to access, process and deliver packet-level traffic from VMs and containers in any cloud. Our next-generation agent technology sends processed packet traffic to your tools and services.

With Garland Prisms, customers activate and run the tools of their choice to gain the critical visibility and control they need. Garland Prisms allows organisations to accelerate their cloud transformations with clarity and confidence.

Key features include:

  • Single multi-cloud environment
  • Next Generation, zero-touch sensors use generic mirrors to see all traffic
  • Leading edge elastic processing services
  • Minimal impact on resources and exit charges
  • Replication of traffic to more than one destination
  • Uses in the Cloud or legacy tools on-premises (off-Cloud)

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