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Welcome to our quarterly newsletter where we aim to share key information regarding networking, security, storage and cloud solutions to help you run your business more efficiently.

A little about us…we formed in 1993 and have always taken the greatest pride in delivering leading edge technology and specialist consultancy servicesto our clients.  We offer unique analytic and consultancy services as well as supplying specialist leading edge analysis, test and performance tools.  Our expertise with these tools enable us to provide services that are unrivaled within the enterprise market.

For over 28 years GCH have been delivering leading edge technology and services to vendors and end users such as IBM, Dell-EMC, Hewlett Packard, BT Lloyds Banking Group, Hitachi Data Systems, Western Digital, VISA and Oracle to name but a few.

Network & Security Solutions

Allegro Packets network monitoring & analysis tools partnered with Garland Technology’s network access and packet brokers provide best-of-breed secure network monitoring and analysis solutions.

Network Emulators allow Applications and Hardware to be developed and tested with real-world network conditions in a controlled, repeatable manner.

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SAN Resource Monitoring

SAN RM enables SAN professionals to save time and money by proactively monitoring their SAN infrastructure.  SAN RM can be configured to display warning and error conditions, potential performance bottlenecks, connections by link speed, zoning, automatically document all changes made to the fabric and much, much more.

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PCIe & NVMe test Solutions

Viavi SolutionsXgig range of protocol analysers enable users to reduce time to market and improve product performance via expert analysis and reduced troubleshooting time.  Quarch Technology’s Multi-Protocol Card and Drive Modules automate hot-plug, dual redundancy and fault injection testing.

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GCH offer a wide range of training courses from protocol training to in-depth product training covering all aspects relating to SAN debug, monitoring and analysis.  Each course provided by GCH can be customised to the users requirements.

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As Featured In…

We are featured in April’s Edition of Networking Plus alongside our partners:  AllegroPackets and Garland Technology.

Networking+ was launched in 1994 and remains unique as the only print magazine still available in the UK for all those involved in the business of building, running and maintaining voice and data networks for enterprise users.

They pride themselveson sticking to the core areas of networking, giving around 20,000 readers each month an in-depth focus on the issues and technologies that really matter to them.

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Top Tip…

Become cost effective and free up manpower to focus on other revenue generating projects by investing in the SAN Resource Monitoring Tool.

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Whether you are planning a data migration project, are experiencing Storage or Enterprise network performance issues or are looking for the best PCIe Development Tools on the market, we are happy to discuss your experiences / requirements and recommend the best solution for your needs.


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