Medusa Labs Test Tools

Industry’s leading application-based data and signal integrity testing solution

The Medusa Labs Test Tool (MLTT) Suite is the industry’s leading application based data and signal integrity testing solution for companies developing servers, switches, host bus adapters (HBAs), Ethernet network interface cards (NICs), converged network adapters (CNAs) and other storage equipment for next generation converged storage networks.

Key benefits include:

  • Provides precise storage I/O and TCP or UDP traffic generation with full traffic flexibility and control
  • Accelerates design validation, system bring-up and quality assurance testing of storage equipment including servers, switches, HBAs and CNAs
  • Accelerates Xgig root-cause analysis through automatic triggering and advanced tracking of anomalies and errors
  • Enables auto-discovery of devices and automation of all remote testing and validation processes across complex network topologies
  • Simplifies unified SAN and LAN testing for converged networks supporting server-to-storage, server-to-server, client-to-client and server-to-client configurations
  • Supports SSD, NVMe, All-Flash-Arrays (AFA) and other emerging standards for leading edge equipment design
  • Supports write journaling to allow for data verification after unexpected failure of initiators or targets
  • Configurable compression and de-duplication data patterns
  • Tests across hundreds of remote clients and servers from a single GUI
  • Tests virtual machines to determine virtualisation impact on server performance



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