As companies Operational Technology (OT) becomes more automated and more reliant on ethernet connectivity, the security of the OT network is critical to its continuous operation.  With increased cyber security threats companies need to have more awareness of their OT network and vulnerabilities.

DOT from Awen Collective is a software system which performs asset and vulnerability discovery on OT Networks including ICS, SCADA and IIot systems.  DOT has been built with security by design and safety critical scanning technology to support modern and legacy networks and uses deep packet inspection and exclusive active scanning software to build a full picture of the network.

Some of the features of the software are listed below:



See all the assets on the OT network and how they are communicating.  Align your OT network to the Purdue model to understand how well segregated the network is currently and how it could be improved using the guidance of current standards.


Initial discovery can be completed without any direct connectivity to your OT network, ensuring there is no impact to the operation.  The depth of the discovery can be increased through the use of SCRAPS™ (Safety Critical Active Protocol Scanning).


Accurate and verifiable vulnerability information can be discovered using the in-depth asset data and relative vulnerability scores via CVSS can be integrated and re-calculated based on individual system knowledge.  Overall risk to the organisation is deduced based on the severity of the vulnerability and the importance of the asset(s) to the operation.

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