In-House Public Cloud

Public Cloud Experience

An out of the box solution that is easy to deploy with existing IT skills

Multi Tenancy

Giving the ability to manage multiple customers, projects or units within the same cluster with strict distinction and resource isolation based on consumption policies

Single Pane of Glass

An interface for administrators and self-service, where cloud users independently provision infrastructure resources

Freedom of Choice

Providing limitless scalability with hybrid cloud support and management
IT teams are struggling with the new demands to support business users and comply with their requirements for agility and new cloud models. Virtualization and converged infrastructure was the first step in transforming the data center to create a more flexible environment.

But for business users, virtualization is not enough – they are pushing towards increased adoption of the public cloud.

As the IT manager you are probably hesitant to fully adopt the public cloud because of issues with security, control and costs. With Stratoscale Symphony you can provide a smooth and efficient user experience like AWS, and take your organization to the future of IT by deploying a fully-featured, enterprise grade private cloud.