OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack that works – The OpenStack Ready Private Cloud

Deployed in Minutes

Stratoscale Symphony is designed for a quick setup on any x86 hardware, easily scaling from 3 servers to hundreds

Single Software Stack

Spanning across the entire cloud, covering out-of-the box compute, storage and networking with control and management. No additional third-party software is needed

Enterprise Grade Solution

Built-in data recovery mechanisms and resiliency solutions while providing high availability and self healing at the VM level, and across the entire cluster
The move towards private cloud is gaining traction; however, it’s not the decision to go for private cloud that is challenging, but also how to deploy it. With open source software and standards like OpenStack, many IT experts may consider this as their preferred option, but deploying OpenStack ain’t simple.
Deploying OpenStack requires researching multiple approaches and tools, as well as utilizing OpenStack experts on site and adopting a state of mind that is ready for a long, complex project.

The goal is not only getting the cloud up and running, it’s about keeping it operating, scaled and upgradeable.

Stratoscale Symphony is an OpenStack ready private cloud that takes advantage of the OpenStack ecosystem with full support for OpenStack APIs.