GCH provides vendor independent SAN consultancy services for both enterprise and virtualised SAN environments. Using industry leading SAN Monitoring and Analysis tools, GCH provide an unprecedented scope of diagnosis and prevention capabilities for heterogeneous SAN infrastructures.


  • Expert Investigation to diagnose hidden SAN issues
  • Reduce costly downtime by quickly determining SAN performance bottlenecks
  • Advise upon remedial actions to resolve issues


  • Before:  Prior to our consultants’ visit to your datacentre, Traffic Access Points (TAPs) will be installed to all ports that have to be monitored.
  • During: SAN Analysers and/or Monitoring Equipment will be deployed in order to capture the necessary traces and/or statistics that will lead to the identification of the problem.
  • After:  Immediate Advice and recommendations. After one week the final report will be ready.  Report Presentation and discussion.

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