GCH provides vendor independent SAN Health Checks for both enterprise and virtualised SAN environments. Regular Health Checks provide statistical measurements of SAN performance and storage utilisation.

Health Checks can be provided as one off service or on a regular basis such as quarterly or six monthly.


  • Ensure SAN Performance meets agreed SLA targets
  • Report Generation that can drill down to LUN level
  • Prevent SAN problems or their reoccurrence through expert monitoring
  • Benchmark SAN performance

The SAN Health Check (SAN Audit) makes it possible to ensure that SAN transaction paths supporting key applications are

  • operating optimally
  • free of error
  • have the capacity to fully support growing SAN needs


  • Before:  Prior to our consultants visit to your datacentre, our SAN RM software will be supplied as a Virtual machine and installed to monitor the SAN.
  • During: The SAN RM software will be left to collect data for a period of two to three weeks and samples of the database will be taken at weekly intervals.
  • After: Report Generation (two weeks)

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