GCH are the UK and Ireland Distributor for Viavi Xgig products which offer a class leading range of analysis and test solutions for the protocols listed below.  These solutions all operate from the same software interface, including Expert analysis, that looks for anomalies and errors in the data collected.  Multiple systems can be cascaded together to give a time correlated view of any combination of the protocols.  In addition the systems can be used by multiple people at the same time depending on port/channel availability.


Support for PCIe, NVMe and CXL up to Gen5 is currently available for analysis, errror injection and exerciser (Gen5 only).  There are four solutions available, Gen4 systems that supports either 4 lanes or 16 lanes and Gen5  systems that support 8 lanes or 16 lanes, each supporting all the previous generations.  All solutions have multiple interposer options. Read more


Support for SAS up to 24Gbps is currently available for both analysis and error injection.  There are two solutions available, a 24Gbps system and a 12Gbps system. Both systems support speeds down to 3Gbps and can be cascaded to support multiple ports. Read more

Fibre Channel

Support for Fibre Channel from 1Gbps to 128Gbps in various chassis with analysis and error injection supported on all solutions and Load Testing and Bit Error Rate Testing supported on some chassis. Read more


Support for Ethernet from 1Gbps to 100Gbps in various chassis for both analysis and error injection.  Copper and Fibre interfaces are configured using available SFP’s and storage protocols can be broken out from the IP traffic by the Expert system and re-loaded into the data for analysis. Read more

Medusa Labs Test Tools

Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite is a leading application-based data testing and signal integrity testing tool enabling developers to identify, locate and resolve elusive errors through stress testing before products are released to market. Read more

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