SAN RM enables SAN professionals to save time and money by proactively monitoring their SAN infrastructure. SAN RM also supports the monitoring of a number of storage platforms with new platforms being added on a continuous basis, based on customer demand.


Optimised performance via intelligent SAN monitoring

  • San Health Dashboard for at-a-glance status
  • Identify Application Slowdowns and Performance Bottlenecks
  • Monitor Inter-Switch Links


Intuitive software that empowers the SAN Manager by:

  • Highlighting Underutilised Resources
  • Confirm Load Balancing across Resources
  • Confirm Resources are correctly Zoned
  • Monitoring SFPs for falling light power levels


Reduce budgets by

  • Identify & resolve potential issues before they become costly failures
  • Reduce costly SAN downtime
  • Reduce the number of expensive vendor tools used
  • Reduce man hours maintaining SAN Documentation

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“SAN RM is a very important tool to allow us to monitor the SAN. Collegues are very ethusiastic about the graphical routing display of the SAN RM tools. The software comes without complicated CLI commands to query the switches to obtain the required data.”

Peter Konig

Continentale KV a.G.